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Below is a complete breakdown of our Finances. We our dedicated to being completely transparent about where our money comes from and where it goes to. So far, we have received no donations.


The revolution needs funding. Here is a list of our current donation campaigns.

N95’s for all
All donations of this campaign will go towards buying N95’s for people who do not have access to them. This campaign is mainly designed to help unhoused individuals and they will be the main focus during distribution.

Secure Comms for comrads

The goverment has authorized mass survailence programs, if you’re up for a good Netflix movie on it watch Snowden. This campaign is deticated to making an application for all platforms that 

Community Defence initiatives

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Donations so far



Staff contributions

$419 for a new microphone for our (Borrowed) DSLR

$22.66 – Windscreen for microphone

$1.24 for our domain

$7.99 for hosting costs (monthly)

Probs like $30 in random cables from amazon for livestreaming